11m Tracking Antenna – S / X / S+X Dual Drive per axis


S / X / S+X, DUAL DRIVE per axis

The 11m antenna model of Zodiac Data Systems is a field and time proven product delivered to customers for daily and demanding operations in the fields of Earth Observation LEO satellites tracking & direct tasking (X-band Rx or X-band Rx + S-band Rx/Tx) and also for LEO and GEO satellites TT&C (S-band Rx/Tx).

The 11m solution, once coupled with the 600W high power feed, allows powerful transmissions suitable for demanding LEOP cases and also for Emergency TT&C. The feed in this case is powered thanks to a 1kW SSPA, also designed and manufactured by Zodiac Data Systems.

The very robust and solid design of the system ensures the best performance for mission-critical applications: aluminum-alloy reflector for increased surface accuracy, SCM tracking feeds for reliable and accurate tracking, dual drive for motors redundancy and no-backlash…

Zodiac Data Systems also extends the antenna offer to turnkey ground stations thanks to the complementary Cortex series and RF product lines for both space-ground and air-ground applications.

Main Features

  • Full motion Elevation/Azimuth/Train pedestal providing full hemispherical coverage
  • Single band (X/S) or dual band (S+X) configurations available
  • No backlash and redundant motors thanks to dual drive for Az and El axis
  • Monopulse feeds for high accuracy tracking
  • Standard S-band Tx feed available with EIRP up to 62dBW
  • High power S-band Tx feed available for Emergency TT&C and LEOP with EIRP up to 71dBW

Main Benefits

  • Full motion time-proven pedestal suitable for LEO tracking and LEOP supports
  • Reliable and field proven hardware design with built-in motor redundancy
  • High precision tracking thanks to Single Channel Monopulse (SCM) tracking feeds in S- and X-bands
  • Simple motor cabinet maintenance thanks to embedded platform with ladder