CMC-e PC with i7 (Dual or Quad Core) Military Computer

Extended Temperature range, Harsh Environment for Transport Aircraft & Helicopters Naval and land Applications

CMC-e PC, is a rugged Low power i7 based PC computer specially designed for use in Airborne military environment. The computer includes a passive back-plane for up to three 3/4 size PCI cards, one PCI-e x 16, one PCI-e x 4 and one PCI-e x 1. It supports Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Linux and INtime operating systems. The computer has various display options including video according with STANAG 3350 A, B, C, RS-170, RS-343.

Extended Temperatures from -40°C to + 71°C

Dimensions & Weight

230x245x370 [mm] (WxHxL) with base and mounts
Weight approx.12Kg with mount and shock isolators

Major Assemblies

  • Power Supply Assy.
  • Com Express CPU module Dual or Quad Core i7
  • NVIDIA or Radeon Display Controller on PCI-e x16
  • Passive back plane
  • Custom made Connector’s Panel.
  • Internal Flash Disk
  • Removable disk

Typical Configuration

The following represents a typical configuration of the CMC-e CPU.

  • CPU – Intel® Dual Core™ i7-620LE, 2.00 GHz
  • CACHE – 2 Cache:
    • L1 cache 24KB data/32 KB instruction
    • L2 cache up to 4 MBytes, 8-way
  • Internal Disk: SATA, 8GB Flash
  • Removable Disk
    • SATA, 500GB Hard Disk or up to 256GB Flash.
  • Ethernet – 4 x 10/100/1000Base-T.
  • USB – 6 x USB 2.0
  • Up to 8 x RS-232/RS-422
  • Programmable Hardware Watch dog
  • Voice In/Out
  • Aptio BIOS © 2009 American Megatrends, Inc.
  • MIL-STD-1553 – Dual Channels
  • ARINC-429

CMC-e Construction

The CMC-e is designed and constructed in accordance with the general requirements of MIL-STD-454.

Thermal Design

The cooling of the components on the CMC-e cards is accomplished by conduction. The cooling of the CMC-e Power Supply and the Pentium chip are accomplished by by conduction through the aluminum enclosure of the unit which is built as an heat-sink.

External Connectors

External connectors are used for interfacing with the subassemblies or equipment and are in accordance with requirement of MIL-STD-454. Connector mating bodies are keyed, and keyed locations are varied to prevent improper installation.

Power Supply

The Power Supply is a Plug-In LRU with the following characteristics
Power In: 18-32VDC per MIL 1275B, and MIL-STD-704A approx. 3Amp.