Cortex CRT – Command Ranging & Telemetry


Perform TT&C at no risk !

With a long experience in the TT&C with the Cortex Product, ZDS introduces the Cortex CRT-XL, the first COTS baseband processor.

The flexible Architecture of the Cortex-XL allows a continuous improvement of the signal processing and the support of advanced and future standards.

For more than 30 years ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS has been involved in most of the Ground Control Systems all over the world.

The Cortex CRT-XL is involved during all the satellite lifetime with the following key missions:

  • Ground Assembly Integration and Test (AIT)
  • Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and Transfer Orbit operation
  • In Orbit Control and In Orbit Testing of the satellite

Main Features

  • 70 MHz Intermediate Frequency
  • Direct IF sampling & Full Digital Signal Processing
  • Telemetry processing of PCM direct w/o sub-carrier
  • CCSDS telecommanding with COP-1 layer processing
  • Ranging measurements (ESA, ESA-LIKE, USB…)
  • Doppler estimation
  • Spread Spectrum Processing for TM/TC and Ranging
  • Space Link Extension

Main Benefits

  • Benefit of long experience of Cortex product CRT
  • Field proven compatibility with most of satellites
  • User assets preserved thanks to backcompatibility
  • Flexible architecture for continuous improvement of Signal Processing
  • Support advanced and future standard
  • High level of reliability with no preventive maintenance
  • High integration COTS product