Cortex HDR XXL – High Data rate Receiver


All-in-1-box solution for Earth Observation Data Payload Demodulation and Recording

The Cortex HDR XXL is the latest COTS very high rate receiver for wideband transmissions in X-band and Ka-band. This equipment is today acclaimed worldwide as the most powerful, versatile and reliable digital high rate demodulator, elected by all stakeholders of the Remote Sensing community from payload designers to ground station operators.

The powerful one-board-in-one-chassis architecture empowers the user with a long-term provision for supporting higher bit rates, multiple decoders, dual polarization transmissions and much more, just through simple user-made on-site software upgrades.

The Cortex HDR XXL is the reference equipment for all existing and forthcoming earth observation missions, with direct interface to modern image processing systems thanks to its built-in front-end-processing capabilities allowing Telemetry decoding, sorting, recording and forwarding.

Main Features

  • 720 MHz and 1.2 GHz IF
  • Dual 720 MHz IF baseline H/W (2 independent demodulation units)
  • QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 16QAM demodulator
  • Up to 2 Gbps transmission rate
  • Digital filtering and signal equalization
  • Automatic real-time cross-polarization cancellation
  • Convolutional and post-processing decoding
  • Variable Coding & Modulation
  • Telemetry data server
  • Very high speed recording
  • Real time output
  • Store and forward
  • Built-in constellation viewer & spectrum analyser
  • Test modulation capabilities
  • PRN generation
  • Recorded data playback

Main Benefits

  • Field-proven truly multimission receiver : risk free solution and lowest implementation losses
  • Powerful FPGA design allowing :
    • Variable Coding & Modulation (VCM) compliant with CCSDS standards like SCCC or VHR-E/O-DVB-S2
    • Advanced fixed CCSDS decoders such as LDPC or treillis
  • Auto-adaptive Real time Digital Filtering for complete transmission path optimisation :
    • Onboard OMUX
    • Multipath transmission
    • Ground RF
    • Cross Polarization effects
  • “1 box solution” for dual channel demodulation + FEP, drastically minimizing spare sets
  • Cortex family product long term commitment: Back-compatible equipment with former versions, allowing swap-and-replace without any M&C or integration cost
  • Easy on-site software upgrades to allow additional missions