Flight Test HD Cameras



The OBE/CAM/002 is a rugged FTI camera which uses H.264 compression to deliver two channels of video over an Ethernet network. It can be seamlessly integrated with the Acra KAM-500 data acquisition product line or used as a stand-alone system.

The OBE/CAM/002 can be connected directly to an Ethernet switch, removing the requirement for a dedicated Acra KAM-500 compression module. As there is no need for dedicated hardware compression, SWaP (Size Weight and Power) is minimized.

The OBE/CAM/002 has two compression streams; a primary stream for recording, and a secondary preview stream for telemetry. The preview stream is more highly compressed, reducing the telemetry bandwidth required for transmission of data to the ground.

As with Ethernet switches and network recorders, the OBE/CAM/002 can be set up and configured using DAS Studio 3. Video data captured can be replayed using commercial off-the-shelf software. The OBE/CAM/002 can synchronize time with a PTPv1 or a PTPv2 Grandmaster. This allows the acquired video to be timestamped using the same mechanism as all other parameters in the FTI network.

The OBE/CAM/002 records full 1080p HD video (1 to 30 fps) and compresses video at source. The OBE/CAM/002 uses a high quality Kodak CCD sensor mounted in a rugged housing.


  • High dynamic range (62dB) and extended spectral sensitivity (350 to 1050nm without IR-filter) for clear image quality under low light conditions
  • iNET-X, Real-Time Streaming Protocol, and Real-time Transport Protocol compliant dual MPEG2 transport stream outputs
  • Unicast and multicast streaming
  • Primary high quality video stream with bit-rates up to 10Mbps for recording
  • Secondary preview video stream with bit-rates up to 2Mbps for telemetry
  • H.264 compression with configurable bit-rates and I-frame to P-frame ratio (Group Of Pictures [GOP]): from all I-frames to 30 P-frames per I-frame ratio
  • Precision Time Protocol version 1 (PTPv1) and version 2 (PTPv2) time synchronization
  • Environmentally qualified to ED-112 and DO-160 standards


  • Cockpit image recording
  • Cargo hold monitoring