Gold Lock Secure Switch

Completely Independent, self hosted & managed, encrypted voice & text network

Gold Lock Secure Switch™ was built for military & corporate organizations with the highest of security needs. It is a completely self-contained system that can be installed and operated independently on customer-defined equipment and is administered via a web-interface with strict admin authorization policies, enabling the user complete control on all aspects of the system including installation, deployment, provisioning, monitoring, and upgrades for both client and server components.

Gold Lock Secure Switch™ consists of:

  • Main Logic Switch Cluster
  • Central Database Module
  • Multiple Relay Servers (Geographically Distributed for Optimal Speed)
  • Web Management Interface
  • Mobile Clients
  • PC Clients
  • Secure PBX (for land-line & SIP phones)

All modules are fully redundant, without a single point of failure by design (SPOF) enabling organizations to create a completely private encrypted network of organizations, users, and devices.


  • Completely private network for voice, text chat, SMS, and file encryption
  • Symmetric AES 256 Bits, Asymmetric Elliptic Curve 384 Bits
  • Supports mobile phones, PCs, fixed phones, SIP phones and PBX stations
  • Multiple independent organizations with separate administrators
  • Supports completely offline mode, upgrades & licensing done by the customer
  • Simple, intuitive, secure control of the whole system via web browser
  • PTT – Push to talk for one contact, or broadcast to multiple contacts (Nokia platform)
  • P2P – Direct Peer to peer voice communication where network conditions allow
  • Complete control over device licensing, provisioning, managing, disabling
  • Completely closed system, no outside link needed
  • Cloud or physical hosting both supported
  • Redundant & Fail-Safe deployment, no SPOF (99.999% up-time)
  • Secure TLS / SSL link between all switch components (RFC 2246 / RFC 5246)
  • Unlimited scalability deployment
  • Multi Geo-location deployment
  • Detailed usage logs
  • Export CDRs as a CSV files
  • Unlimited grouping options
  • 24X7 monitor & log system performance for all servers – CPU, Memory etc…
  • Auto send SMS & Calls to pre-defined numbers when a server is malfunctioning