Haigh-Farr UAV Button Antennas

Haigh‐Farr Button antennas are designed for applications where size and weight are critical. Models cover frequencies ranging from UHF to X‐Band, and provide the omnidirectional coverage of a monopole in a rugged package. Models 2107, 2207 and 13215 have a filled‐in overhead null, and, therefore, provide the added benefit of full hemispherical coverage.

Haigh‐Farr Button antennas utilize proven materials and methods of construction, providing a solid package that requires only one “D” hole in the vehicle for mounting. Superb protection is obtained through the use of a high‐impact, high‐temperature radome, with excellent properties for environments containing moisture and contaminants.


  • Omni‐directional Coverage in Azimuth
  • Overhead Null in Elevation Pattern (Most Models)
    • Models 2107, 2207, 13215 have the overhead null filled in.
  • Frequencies from UHF to X‐Band
  • Small, Compact Footprint
  • High Impact Radome Material
  • Common Footprint (Most Models)
  • Built to Withstand Extreme Shock & Vibration Environments


  • Data Links, Telemetry, Transponder
  • Aircraft
  • UAVs
  • Helicopters
  • Tactical Missiles
  • Ships
  • Ground‐Based Vehicles
  • Single or Array Implementations with Power Dividers and Cables

Design Capability

Haigh‐Farr has a more than 40 year history of designing and producing exceptionally rugged, high performance antennas. If you don’t find an antenna meeting your requirements in our standard list of products, Haigh‐Farr has the experience and modeling capability to customize a solution. Adaptations of existing designs can be done with very short lead times. Contact Haigh‐Farr for a review of your antenna requirements.

+ The center frequency of model 6160 can be set at the factory to any frequency from 350 to 600 MHz. Min. bandwidth is 80 MHz.
*Models 2107, 2207, and 13215 feature filled‐in overhead null


Operating Band: See chart above
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
VSWR (Across Band): See chart above
Polarization: Linear, Vertical
Power: Compatible with high power transponders
Radiation Pattern: See plots to the left (typical)
Connector: TNC Standard; SMA Optional


Weight: See chart above
Dimensions: See drawings (dimensions are provided in mechanical outline drawings available upon request)
Mounting: Through “D” hole in vehicle and secured using lock washer and nut


Typical of supersonic aircraft applications