The optimum station for data receiving and exploitation

Adopted by Flight Test Centres and Aircraft manufacturers, the Radio Telemetry Receiver (RTR) is a high performance COTS solution for ground receiving station.

With more than 1000 licences used all over the world, the acquisition and analysis software MAGALI is a market reference in the specific telemetry field.

The MAG – RTR system runs data acquisition from the RTR, analysis, control and visualisation in real time. Data can be stored then, analysed and visualized during test processing process.

With MAGALI network architecture, data are distributed on several stations for real time processing, replay or post processing.

The communication between RTR and MAGALI is plug and play and can be made at receiver level (PCM stream), bit synchronizer level (NRZ signal and clock) and at frame synchronizer level (Ethernet).

RTR Main Functions

  • Single or Dual Channel L/S band receiver
  • Broadband Telemetry reception and demodulation for flight test and links :
    • Multi symbol PCM FM demodulations
    • AM demodulation for tracking
    • Up to 30 Mbps
    • IRIG106 compliant
    • Video reception (NTSC/PAL SECAM)
  • Integration of different functions usually performed by separate equipments, to become the heart of advanced compact received station.
    • Combiner Pre-D/Post-D
    • Bit & frame synchronizers
    • Antenna Control Unit
    • Digital Tracking Receiver

MagaliMain Functions

  • Test configuration
    • Intuitive and user-friendly configuration tools.
    • UMA2000, CMA2000 configuration share possible
  • Decommutation
    • Decommutation management functions for IRIG106, CCSDS, CE83.
    • Ground message extraction : video, GPS, internal buses…
    • Extraction of any paramater with all formats.
    • Physical units conversion.
  • Real time display
    • Raw data and parameters into graphs, framework…
    • Configurable threshold alarms
  • Real time processing
    • Mathematic processing
    • Signal processing
    • Synchronous and asynchronous streams
  • Data storage functions
  • Replay
    • Animation functions in real time from datafiles
  • Post processing process
  • Mathematic, statistic process
    • Signal, filtration, noise process
    • Point tracking
  • Data Management
    • ASCII, binary Importation/Exportation