Modular ground telemetry station

Designed for test engineers, MAG200 is an easy to use, upgradable and high performance telemetry station. Configuration, acquisition, display, real time processing, replay and post processing analysis…, MAG200 provides numerous functions in one user-friendly working environment.

The standard MAG200 station is a high performance equipment, able to acquire, simulate and analyse PCM data stream, whatever the format : IRIG 106, CE83, CCSDS or DANIEL 90/2000.

Based on MAGALI software environment, it is a powerful tool for data acquisition/ generation. MAGALI software guarantees both security and reliability for all processing : extraction, analysis, replay, test reports…

To meet highly demanding requirements in terms of performance and security, MAG200 has been built to provide the ultimate in telemetry in a 19″ rack.

Modular and evolutive to other data sources MAG200 can also accept and use interfaces like ARINC, 1553, CAN, Ethernet, IENA…

With their network performance, MAG200 workstations coexist and therefore distribute heavy or remote acquisition loads. Various stations are then synchronized and controlled by only one station. Several visualization stations are also possible.



Telemetry Features


Input NRZ-L + Clock
Input level TTL or RS 422
Rate 10 bps to 20 Mbps
Word length 3 to 32 bits (word by word)
Minor frame length 2 to 16383 words
Major frame length 1 to 1024 minor frames
Bit order MSB or LSB
Sync up to 64 bits
Sync position Leading or trailing the frame
Sync strategy mode (search-lock-verify) or (search-lock)
Error tolerance 0 to 15 bits
Slip tolerance 0 to 3 bits
Polarity normal, inverted or automatic

Bit Synchroniser

Codes NRZ-L/M/S, BIO-L/M/S, DM-M/S, M², RZ, RNRZ-L/M/S-11/15/17/23
Rate 100 bps to 20 Mbps
(NRZ) 10 Mbps (other codes)
Input level 0.1 to 10 Vpp
Bandwidth 0.1% to 2 %, according to bit rate
Polarity normal, inverted or automatic
Bit error rate 1 dB theoretical curve
(rates < 10 Mbps/s)
PCM codes NRZ-L & BIO-L

HF receiver (optional)

Input rate S, E, L or UHF band
Tuner resolution 50 kHz
Rate accuracy 0.002 %
Noise 10 dB max (6dB typical)
Sensitivity – 85 dBm

Antenna (optional)

Rate 2200-2400 MHz
Gain 8 dBi
Front back > 5
Polarisation RMCP, LMCP, vertical or horizontal
Small and light