Portable telemetry station

Designed for test engineers, MAG200 is an easy to use, upgradable and high performance telemetry station. Configuration, acquisition, display, real time processing, replay and post processing analysis…, MAG200 LT provides numerous functions in one user–friendly working environment.

MAG200LT station is a highly performance equipment, able to acquire, simulate and analyse PCM data stream, whatever the format : IRIG 106, CE83, CCSDS or DANIEL 90/2000.

Based on MAGALI software environment, it is a powerful tool for data acquisition/ generation. MAGALI software guarantees both security and reliability for all processing : extraction, analysis, replay, test reports…

Modular and evolutive to other data sources MAG200 can also accept and use interfaces like ARINC, 1553, CAN, Ethernet, IENA …

MAG 200LT can also work with several network stations for data test acquisition, analysis and post processing.

MAG 200LT is defined in numerous configurations, portable station with PCMCIA, PCI or external USB devices.


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