Acquisition, Measure and Telemetry Station

MAGPOCKET is a miniature and standalone test data acquisition system. Regardless the small size, MAGPOCKET is a powerful system with numerous functionalities to acquire and analyse securely test data whatever the source.

With its numerous communication modules, MAGPOCKET acquires, analyses and displays data, in real time, from various sources as : analogic streams, PCM streams, digital buses ARINC429, 1553 AFDX, Ethernet, RS232/422, etc…

MAGPOCKET is an outstanding tool for the test engineer, light, self reliant with a great storage capacity. MAGPOCKET acquisition possibilities are enlarged with a set of analysis and visualization functions.

MAGPOCKET communicates with MAGALI via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi to manage, download test configurations or acquired data.

Key Points

Performance Real time acquisition, display and storage
Telemetry up to 5 Mbps (10 Mbps in MAGPACK option)
Ultra light
Ruggedized material
Upgradable Network modularity
Synchronisation with MAGALI systems on PC
Frame reconfiguration with MAGALI software on PC
Additional to MAGPACK, Pocket PC with integrated HF reception function.
Security Test storage
Efficient system
MAGALI compatible
Services Installation on site
Specific add-ons

Technical Features

PCM Signals NRZ + clock or Biphase
Input TTL or RS422
Acquisition Up to 5 Mbps (10 Mbs in MAGPACK option)
Storage Internal memory (64 MB) and SD card (4 Go)
Real time display Commutable real time graphic pages Format (options) IRIG-106 – CE83 – CCSDS—ARINC 429 – Analogique – AFDX Ethernet – 1553
Autonomy 10 hours
Overall size 150 mm X 90 mm X 33 mm
Weight 450 g
PCM features
PCM word length 4 to 16 bits
Minor frame length 4 to 32000 PCM words
Major frame length 4 to 4096 minor frames
Pari ty management
LSB /MSB management

Magpocket Versions

MAG POCKET with communication modules (Including PC Pocket, software and communication card)
MAGPOCKET/IRIG For IRIG 106 telemetry format
MAGPOCKET/CE83 For CE83 telemetry format
MAGPOCKET/CCSDS For CCSDS telemetry format
MAGPOCKET/1553 For bus MIL-STD-1553
MAGPOCKET/ARINC 429 For ARINC 429 channels
MAGPOCKET/Analogue For analogue channels
MAGPOCKET/Ethernet For Ethernet messages
MAGPOCKET/RS232 For RS232 serial format
MAGPOCKET/RS422 For RS422 serial format