The Smallest Telemetry simulator

MAGSIM is the smallest telemetry simulator available on the market. Small, smart, ruggedized, the MAGSIM embeds all the required functionalities to test, qualify and maintain any telemetry ground stations. The MAGSIM generates any RF signals built from simulations or issued from real acquisitions. The signal is loaded in, and generated from its internal non volatile memory.

As a telemetry ground station manufacturer, everyday EURILOGIC has to validate and maintain on the field telemetry ground stations. The MAGSIM is an emanation of these needs. It offers a smart way to any telemetry ground station owner to test, verify and validate these devices.

The MAGSIM allows a maximal test cover rate in a minimal size, in any environments, for a moderate price.

Different test modes are available :

  • RF Telemetry signal coming from real acquisition, are downloaded on the instrument through USB connection.
  • Simulated data are defined with an easy to use internal configuration tool.

Several formats are available : IRIG 106, CE83, CCSDS…

Major Features

Operational Mode Generation of PCM telemetry link : RF data or TTL data
Control via the built-in touch screen
Preparation Mode Download data files through USB connection or SDRAM
Selection of generated data file or simulated data
Embedded configuration tool to define system set up

Technical Specifications

Telemetry Specifications

RF Output ARINC-429, AFDX, MIL-STD-1553
Output Level Manually or thru ICD. Peripherals configurations thru MAG-NUM
Other Output Reception / Transmission
Bit Rate Fully programmable

Mechanical Specification

Overall Size 240 mm X 130 mm X 55 mm
Weight 750g

Operational Environmental Specification

Temperature –10° Centigrade to +50° Centigrade
Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing

Storage Environmental Specification

Temperature –25° to +70° Centigrade

MAGSIM Versions

MAGSIM/IRIG MAGSIM unit with IRIG-106 format
MAGSIM/CE 83 MAGSIM unit with CE83 format
Specify band at order: Band L, Band S, Band E-NATO, Band 400 MHz