Multi-Antenna Data Recording

Data Recorder for Multi-Sites Radar and Antenna

Virtually any multi-antenna system can be configured using solutions from D-TA’s standard product inventory. D-TA products offer:

  • Both Receive & Transmit Functions;
  • Wide Frequency Tuning Range (up to 26.5 GHz)
  • Independent or Phase-Coherent Tuning
  • Wideband (up to 40 MHz) & Ultra-Wideband (up to 500 MHz)
  • Built-In Programmable Digital Down Conversion (for BW selection)
  • Real-Time Recording of Baseband (I &Q) Data
  • Built-In Digital Up Conversion for Real IF Signal Generation (Playback)
  • Fully Integrated & Tested Configuration
  • No User Development Required for Recording & Playback

User application development in a multi-core server machine is supported by Software Development Kit (SDK), example cores and also training (if required). All D-TA radio products can offer replicated 10 GbE data network(s) for user application development in his/her own machine. This way recording of raw (baseband) sensor data can take place at the same time data is being processed by the user. The recording option can be removed if not required.

Following slides demonstrates various multi-antenna system configurations using DTA-3290 Scanning RF Transceiver, DTA-3200 Scanning RF/IF Transceiver, DTA-2300 Digital IF Transceiver, DTA-5900 Ultra-Wideband Tuner and DTA-5000 & DTA-1000-SSD Record/Playback systems

Independently Tuned Multi-Antenna Transceivers (20 MHz – 6 GHz & 40 MHz BW each)

Any number of DTA-3290, tunable single-antenna transceiver, can be operated in parallel. Each DTA-3290 can be independently tuned. The quad configuration shown below can provide a gapless search BW of close to 160 MHz for fast frequency hop signal detection (by bandwidth expansion) or for multiple search & track

Coherently Tuned Multi-Antenna Transceiver (20 MHz -6 GHz & 40 MHz BW each)

  • DTA-3200 Tunable RF to IF System can accommodate up to 16 Rx or 8 Rx & 8 Tx channels for phase coherent tuning. Any number of DTA-3290 can be operated synchronously.
  • DTA-2300 Digital IF Transceiver can handle up to 16 IF Rx & Tx channels simultaneously for phase synchronous operation. Any number of DTA-2300 can be operated synchronously.
  • DTA-5000 Multi-core Server/RAID system can record & playback at rates up to 2 GBytes/s (8 Chs with 40 MHz BW each) using two (2) 10 GbE networks. More than one DTA-5000 systems can be used to linearly increase the throughput rate.

Multi-Antenna System Configuration — Phase Coherent Tuning

The 7U configuration shown here can process as many 16 receive or 8 receive & transmit channels. The key features are:

  • The frequency range is 20 MHz to 6 GHz (can be extended to 18 GHz), the BW is 40 MHz;
  • 16-bit data converters, FPGA based programmable DDCs & DUCs for real-time processing of BWs up to 40 MHz
  • ADC & DAC Sample Clocks can be individually adjusted in steps of 10 ps for RF & cable mismatch calibration
  • Up to four (4) 10 Gigabit networks for moving data in real time for record, playback and processing

Remote Record / Playback

Ultra-Wideband (500 MHz) Multi-Antenna System

DTA-9500-2R system provides two phase coherent 0.5 to 18 GHz RF receive channels and outputs 500 MHz baseband I & Q data (following DDC) on four (4) 10 Gigabit networks. The sustained data rate is 3.2 GBytes/s. The data can be recorded in real-time using one DTA-5000 storage system. Note that more RF input channels can be added and multiple DTA-5000 units can be operated synchronously.

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