Peel & Stick Applique Antennas

Ultra-Thin Peel & Stick Appliqué Antennas

The Pharad peel & stick appliqué antenna is unlike any other antenna available; a result of the innovation of Pharad’s antenna design team. Pharad has developed a series of peel & stick appliqué antennas that can be mounted to car windows, UAVs, and even vegetation. A durable one-time use pressure sensitive adhesive on one side of the radiator allows the Pharad appliqué antenna to adhere to the surface. These antennas provide a high quality radiating solution. They are nearly as thin as a piece of paper; less than 10 mils thick and are very lightweight; less than 1 oz. The low visibility design and flexible form factor makes these antennas the perfect solution for covert communication applications.

Appliqué antennas are suitable for use on vehicles and UAVs constructed from non-metallic, low-loss composites, such as fiberglass, Kevlar, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or other plastics.

Frequency Model Number
350 – 450 MHz AA-350-450
420 – 450 MHz AA-420-450
420 – 480 MHz AA-420-480
430 – 600 MHz AA-430-600
470 – 480 MHz AA-470-480
800 – 900 MHz AA-800-900
800 – 900/1800 – 1900 MHz AA-800-900/1800-1900
800 – 6000 MHz AA-800-6000
1700 – 6000 MHz AA-1700-6000

Standard Models come with SMA Connectors

Pharad’s peel & stick appliqué antennas adhere to surfaces through a quick installation (< 1 minute). By simply peeling back the paper liner, the user can stick the antenna to the surface with the durable one-time use pressure sensitive adhesive.

Pharad’s peel & stick appliqué antennas can adhere to the outside of a building, trees, and car windows.