S-band Frequency Converters


Low Phase Noise Synthesized Converters

ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS offers synthesized low phase noise frequency converters presented in a 1 U panel height and operating in the standard S-band :

  • Up Converter
  • Down Converter
  • Tracking Down Converter
  • Echo Down Converter
  • Test Translator

An excellent internal synthesizer provides fine frequency tuning. An internal frequency reference is available but external reference can also be used (automatic synchronization).

Main Applications

  • Satellite communications
  • S-band TT&C
  • Military and civil
  • Tracking earth stations
  • Beacon reception
  • AIT

Main Features

  • Up to 4 channels on Tracking Down¬†Converter (2 coupled units)
  • Dual conversion
  • 1 Hz frequency step
  • Phase noise 20dB better than IESS 308-309
  • Low group delay distorsion
  • High output level stability
  • Automatic synchronization on 10 MHz external reference
  • Level control (31.75 dB/0.25 step)
  • Remote control (RS485 and Ehernet)
  • CE marking