SSPA – Solid State Power Amplifier


S-band – 200 W

This 200W Solid State Power Amplifier is designed for S-band Uplink.

This SSPA provides many advantages. Thanks to solid state technology, this amplifier has a very high intrinsic reliability and better electrical characteristics. The monitoring and control is performed via RS485/Ethernet link in remote mode.

Main Applications

  • S-Band Uplink
  • Civil and military
  • High reliability data link

Main Features

  • 200W output power
  • Class AB operation
  • Local control & Remote control & Monitoring
  • RS 485/Ethernet link
  • Built-in output power test
  • Forward power monitor
  • Reflected power monitor
  • AGC function
  • Built-in isolator
  • Harmonic filter
  • Temperature protection
  • Rx rejection filter (2200 -2300 MHz).

Main Benefits

  • High linearity
  • Excellent reliability
  • Easy maintainability