Wearable Antennas

Pharad has developed and manufactures the most comprehensive wearable antenna product offering in the industry. The unique form factor of these antennas are made possible by incorporating Pharad’s patented Flextenna® flexible antenna technology. These wearable antennas are the ideal antenna solution for users requiring integrated textile antennas, including first responders, soldiers, marines, and security/intelligence personnel operating covertly. Our body wearable antennas are fabricated using state-of-the-art, thin flexible materials that conform to the exterior of the body and outer garments. The lightweight, unubtrusive design and flush mounting provide the most user-friendly alternative to whip or stub antennas. Communications link performance is maintained without hindering the user’s vision or mobility. We offer various mounting configurations and spatially diverse antenna systems that further enhance link performance. Standard connector options allow these antennas to easily connect to most radios.

Wearable Antenna Products

* Dual radiator diversity configurations (-D) available for most models

† B = BNC Connector
T = TNC Connector
S = SMA Connector
Q = QMA Connector
N = N-Type Connector
‡ C = Covert Vest Antenna/Radio Harness
M = MOLLE Compatible Antenna Pouch
V = Tactical Vest Antenna/Radio Carrier

Integration Examples

Available Wearable Antenna/Radio Carriers

These antennas are intended for occupational use only to satisfy FCC RF energy exposure requirements. These antennas have been designed to comply with the IEEE (FCC) exposure limits for occupational/controlled RF exposure environments at usage factors of up to 50% talk–50% listen for radios transmitting up to 5 W power at the antenna’s operating frequencies.