Our Products

Aerospace Testing

  • Instrumentation products and solutions: on-board data acquisition units, switches, modular recorders, transmitters
  • Ground telemetry products and solutions: tracking antennas, multi-band RF receivers, RF recorders, analog and digital signals recorders, decommutators
  • Fully capable software suite(set-up, operation and processing)

Mission Data Management

  • video & data recorders, servers, trusted computers, switches

Connecting Space

  • Antennas, modems and high-speed receivers
  • Command and Control (C2)
  • Ranging
  • Data payload reception
  • Quality of service management (QoS)
  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

Space Launchers

  • Pressurization
  • Cryogenic propellant tanks
  • Thermal superinsulation: efficient, ultra-lightweight, and robust


  • Cryogenic cooling and refrigeration
  • Electric propulsion: a solution for the future constellations of satellites
  • Gas management: Innovative solutions for separating Martian molecules and de-orbiting satellites

Launch Pads

  • Cryogenic Fluid Production Capacity
  • Supplying Cryogenic Fluids For Launch Vehicles
  • Xenon Loading Cart
  • Space Simulation Chambers

Space Testing Services

  • Test Center: Testing, Inspecting, And Qualifying Space Technologies

Human Space Flights

  • MELFI: Preserving Biological Samples In Orbit
  • Decarbonation Of Air: From Under The Sea To Outer Space
  • Production Of Propellants